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Teaching like the Bible’s Master Storytellers

 This article was first published in French at TPSG.   Everyone loves a good story. The best teachers are often the best storytellers. This was certainly the case with Jesus. While his preaching included straightforward imperatives and declarations on the nature of God and his Kingdom, he often chose to illustrate his message through parables. Sadly, however, in our Western, highly literate culture, we sometimes believe that as we mature, ww outgrow the need for stories. Some preachers may even avoid them in their sermons because they perceive such anecdotes as superficial or as a digression from the text. Yet the example of Scripture indicate that stories are powerful pedagogical tools that we would do well to avail ourselves of. Post-modern culture values story, and we the Church can enrich the understanding of our smaller stories by properly teaching the metanarrative of God’s work in the world, i.e. creation, fall, redemption, consummation.   Training Pastor’s Wives in Senegal Whi

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