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What if Benny Hinn was Right?

As I flipped through the channels late one Friday night, I stumbled into the broadcast of a crusade in which a well-groomed tele-evangelist preached with persuasive power. He promised physical healing and financial freedom to those who would sew the seed of faith by making a generous pledge to his ministry.

In our church tradition, we balk at these images on our screens and identify this man for what he is: a false teacher, a charlatan motivated by greed, preying on the desperate for personal gain. Yet, in our eagerness to reject the prosperity gospel in its entirety, I wonder if we have thrown out a principal that is both biblical and practical: God blesses materially those who are generous materially. Does this statement rub you the wrong way? I feel almost heretical just typing it, and yet my recent meditation on 2 Corinthians 8-9 led me to just that conclusion. Before you close this window in your browser, consider with me this passage penned by Paul.

Here’s the context fr…

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