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The Treasure Hunt where the Prize is Christ

This article was first published in French at TPSG. My daughters love a good treasure hunt. In fact, one of the best birthday parties they ever attended was hosted by a dear friend and fellow missionary in Senegal, Daniela. She planned and executed an elaborate treasure hunt through the dusty dirt roads of her neighbourhood on the outskirts of Thiès. The winner got to take home a homemade box shaped like a treasure chest, full of goodies. It was so much fun! And kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy the thrill of the hunt. In my late twenties, I worked for a consulting firm that held an all-day team-building exercise where we split into groups to scour the streets of downtown Chicago in search of a list of items. This, too, was so much fun! The Treasure Hidden in a Field I think what appeals to us about a treasure hunt is that we enjoy the challenge of looking beyond the surface to what is buried beneath. We may have to work hard to discover what is hidden, but the reward is great. I won

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